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Bankruptcy has to be affordable. After all, most people facing financial difficulties do not have the resources to keep up with their monthly expenses, let alone the additional expense of a legal representation. We understand that supporting your family and maintaining your household  expenses has to come first. If delaying your bankruptcy filing is making your life and your financial situation more stressful, and you cannot afford to pay the upfront costs of filing a bankruptcy, we offer payment plans that make filing for bankruptcy now outweigh the stress and costs of waiting until later.

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Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to catch up on late payments on your home and/or car. You can reduce or eliminate your other debt over a 3-5 year period of time. The baseline fee for a routine chapter 13 is $2,810, which includes the court fee ($310).  Chapter 13 is ideal if you want to recover a car that has been repossessed, or lower your monthly payment on an older vehicle that is worth less than what you owe. We can file your chapter 13 petition for $300 down!

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate all credit card debt, medical bills, and personal loans. We can prepare and file a routine chapter 7 petition for a flat fee of $1,135, which includes the court fee ($335), and a credit report.

Chapter 7 Payment Plans: If you can’t afford the upfront fees for the chapter 7, we can file your chapter 7 petition for only $300. We can complete your case for up to 12 affordable monthly payments. Ask about our bankruptcy payment plans!

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Our Easy 3-Step Approach

First, we take the time to discuss your situation and advise about whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. We provide immediate feedback and a preliminary estimate of exactly what to expect and whether or not filing for bankruptcy is right for you.

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When you feel confident taking the next step, we gather the necessary documents and identify any issues that may arise so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. In case of emergencies, such as a repossession, an eviction or foreclosure sale, or garnishment, we can file your petition the same day we meet to STOP ALL COLLECTION ACTIONS IN THEIR TRACKS! Read more about our emergency bankruptcy filings.

After your bankruptcy petition is filed, we monitor your case, keep you posted about all important development and represent you for the duration of your case.

Call us directly at: 859-445-5495 to discuss your situation and see if a low cost bankruptcy filing is the best option for you. We are available 24/7/365 so don’t hesitate — especially if you are facing an emergency