High car payments, upside down mortgages, mounting credit card debt, and unforeseen medical bills are all major problems that plague families with anxiety and worry, and that prevent you from moving forward. Everybody deserves a debt-free future and peace of mind in the present.

chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to reduce or eliminate unsecured debt and to repay any remaining debt  over a 3-5 year duration with affordable monthly payments. Our job is to propose a chapter 13 plan of reorganization that allows you to maintain a decent standard of living. At Dennery law, we succeed only when you succeed.

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A chapter 13 Bankruptcy may allow you to:

  • Keep your home and recover a repossessed vehicle;
  • Keep your tax return and recover garnishments;
  • Catch up on late payments on your car or mortgage;
  • Reduce your monthly car payment (in some circumstances);
  • Reduce or completely eliminate your credit card and/or medical debt; and

Who Qualifies For a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

So long as you have regular income and your debt does not exceed $400,000, you are eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • To get a chapter 13 plan confirmed you have to you have to file your taxes yearly, pay your child support, and we have to show that you will likely make all of the monthly plan payment over the 3-5 years duration of the case.
  • To get a discharge of all the debts  that is not fully paid over the course of your case, you have to make all the payments under the plan.

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